"Rachel is a wonderful teacher and a terrific, warm individual. I came to her wanting help in establishing an individualized pilates program that would keep me hiking, biking, and skiing for many years to come. She not only pinpointed my problems rapidly, but worked closely with me to establish a focused program that has already produced results. In addition, we had a great time while she and I were doing this! I have worked with a number of teachers on an individual basis previously, and I think it is fair to say that Rachel is the best of these!"

Freda Miller

"I recently purchased the Ocean Bliss Guided Meditation from Rachel, and I am so glad I did! This meditation is so well done! I get comfortable, put on my earphones in, and escape to where I am most relaxed…the beach. Her voice is very soothing and with the sound of the waves in the background it is the perfect escape."

Heather Lunn

"When I saw an add at the local coffee shop for a Pilates class, I had no idea how much I needed it. After
only a few classes noticed an increase in flexibility, core strength and overall feeling of well being. From
the beginning Rachel was warm and welcoming. She provides individual attention and modifications of
each exercise. She allows you to work at your own level of ability while gently nurturing you along to
progress to new challenges. She has lots of props available to keep the classes ever changing and
interesting.  Rachel has also provided practical advice such as simple exercises and stretches that can be
incorporated into my workday. This along with regular classes greatly improved my overall well being
and has virtually eliminated the neck and shoulder discomfort that I had been experiencing as the result
of working on a computer all day long.  Thank you Rachel for your encouragement and support."


"I have been participating in Pilates [private] sessions with Rachel for over a year. I find her to be patient and knowledgeable with a sincere interest in her clients. As a result, I continue to gain greater flexibility and core strength. I enjoy this low impact program tailored to my needs."


"Rachel is always willing to work with you if you are having difficulty with any of the moves and always shows you ways to do the moves so they work for you. Pilates has a lot of benefits, it improves flexibility, increases muscle strength especially in the core, and helps balance out both sides of your body and so much more. If you are looking for a good workout with an awesome teacher, I highly recommend you take Pilates with Rachel Quigg its guaranteed to be a good work out and a lot of fun."

Patricia Crichton

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