Benefits of Pilates

Perfect for Everyone

Pilates is perfect for everyone as it's adaptable (seniors, beginners, elite athletes, etc) and is functional, improving the quality of your life, how you feel and look. It encourages long, lean muscles, flexibility and improved posture.

group pilates

Group Instruction

Props are used in class, tubing, mini stability balls, toning balls, and foam rollers. Most exercises are done on the mat and are low impact. The focus is on your abdominals, gluts, hips and thighs. We also work to balance your back extensors for better posture and arms for toning. Each moves is paired up with a breath pattern to relax you and help focus your mind on the task at hand.


Group Pilates classes vary from $12.50-$14 per class.

Offers quick results in group setting
Low impact
Small class sizes
Lots of individual attention

Private Sessions

Your program will include a postural analysis, bi-weekly, weekly or set amount of session to get you started. Each client has their own motivations and goals for exercising, these are taken into account while developing your program. Private sessions can  be held in your home or at the Pilates studio at Clifton House in Windsor, NS.


Private Pilates instruction:

1-4 sessions: $55/hour

5-11 sessions: $50/hour

12+ sessions: $40/hour

Offers the best results
Low impact
Personalized for you and your body
Provides structured, safe & effective exercises
private pilates instruction

More Benefits of Pilates

Benefits Your

Ah-mazing Abs

Pilates benefits your core (abdominals, lower back, pelvic area, and glutes) unlike any other workout.


Back Pain

A stronger core equals a better back. Pilates can be great for those with chronic lower back pain.

Easy on Joints

Low Impact

Pilates is a low-impact workout with slow and controlled movements, but still burns calories.

Hones Your


Focus on 1) your breath, 2) your body, and 3) how they move together. It takes a lot of concentration.

Improves Sports


Pilates and its focus on your core development improves your sports performance in other ways.

Improves Your


When you're tight, you shorten your muscle and limit your body's range of motion. Pilates helps improve your flexibility.

Boosts Your

Brain Power

After regular Pilates practice, your memory performance and other cognitive functions can improve.

Improves Your


Regular practice will improve your physical coordination and balance, and is a safe rehabilitation for injuries.

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