Pilates Instruction

Group and private sessions are available to help you gain the most benefit from your exercise routine. Group classes offer excellent results through learning the five basic principles of Stott Pilates, with a focus on breathing through each movement.

Private sessions offer the best results, providing structured, safe and effective exercises that cannot be achieved on your own. Perfect for students looking to alleviate stress and fatigue, or those who prefer individualized and customized attention.

Pilates is perfect for everyone as it's adaptable (seniors, beginners, elite athletes, etc) and functional fitness. It encourages long and lean, not bulky, and you'll have better flexibility, posture, mind/body connection with regular practice.

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The beauty of Pilates is that anyone, at any age can get started.

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Ah-mazing Abs

Pilates hits your core

Pilates hits your core (your “powerhouse”) in an extremely effective way that is unlike any other workout.

Easy on Your Joints

Slow and controlled

Pilates’ movements put minimal impact on your joints.

Ease Back Pain

Strong Core = Better Back

Researchers believe that by stabilizing the core’s lumbar-pelvic (lower back) region, Pilates alleviates stress on the area and ups your mobility.

Hone Your Focus

Mind & Body

Pilates urges you to focus on 1) your breath, 2) your body, and 3) how they move together. This takes concentration and focus!

Increased Flexibility

All Fitness Levels

When you’re inflexible, you shorten your muscles and limit your body’s range of motion, which can lead to injury.

One Hour Pilates = Burn Calories All Day

Resistance Training

Resistance training creates lean muscle and rev up your metabolism to burn calories all day long.

Boost Brain Power

Mental Exercise

After 10 weeks of Pilates training, researchers found an increase in the brain’s alpha peak power.

Improve Performance

Enhanced Sports

ALL of your muscles are connected through your core. With a stronger core, you can run faster, your yoga is on point, and overall the rest of your workouts improve.

”Rachel is a wonderful teacher and a terrific, warm individual. I came to her wanting help in establishing an individualized pilates program that would keep me hiking, biking, and skiing for many years to come. She not only pinpointed my problems rapidly, but worked closely with me to establish a focused program that has already produced results. In addition, we had a great time while she and I were doing this! I have worked with a number of teachers on an individual basis previously, and I think it is fair to say that Rachel is the best of these!”

Freda Miller

Pilates Student (individual sessions)