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Rachel Quigg,

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Rachel Quigg is a Certified Stott Pilates and Master Reiki instructor offering group and private Pilates sessions, Reiki treatments and workshops, and guided meditation.

In 2003, Rachel owned and operated Intrinsic Motion, a company that helped her clients sculpt their bodies and focus their minds through pilates instruction. Teaching groups, as well as privately, Rachel built a large following of satisfied clients. Rachel also produced, marketed and sold Intrinsic Motion pilates instructional DVDs.

In 2005 Rachel trained as a Life Coach through "Coach for Life". She designed and facilitated programs such as "Embracing Yourself Fully", a group coaching course for women. Most of her private coaching was done over the phone or Skype, with a focus on helping women entrepreneurs. After learning the importance of relaxation, Rachel produced a a guided meditation called "In Letting Go You Let The Light Shine Through".

2018 Rachel trained in the Merrithew Fascial Movement Foundation course to enhance her pilates training, so her clients get the most up to date training methods possible. Rachel now teaches group pilates in Windsor, Nova Scotia and surrounding area, as well as private lessons.

Rachel is compassionate, and has personally experienced the benefits of all the modalities that she offers. She is passionate about helping people achieve their goals and find balance in their lives, to elevate within.

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